About Us

25 training on Small Home Appliances, development, design, production, quality and international standards continue in our production in Istanbul.

As Bahat Electrical Home Appliances, we act with the understanding of health and hygiene in Orca brand employees.

As the OEM and ODM division for the small house sector, it has focused on R&D and production activities in this field in the service sector.

It is developed by large and expert service teams in almost all provinces of Turkey.

It will be strong and our product development policy will be designed in relation to products that are generally considered and suitable for the products to be designed.

Our effective and resolute solutions are the ones that differentiate us.

Planning the customer to continue the plan aims to last a lifetime with the continuation of the target.

ORCA, our brand of the future, will be designed for use in Turkey and internationally.

Our mission is to add value to the values of our acquisitions with our constantly evolving perspective, together with products and solutions.