Dear valued customers,

We share your utmost sensitivity regarding the protection of your personal data and in this context, we store your data in accordance with the procedures and principles stipulated in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, and in accordance with the law and the rules of honesty. In accordance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698; As our company's data controllers, we inform you about the mutual rights and obligations of all personal data processed by the Company, including our employees, suppliers, members, visitors, business contacts, business partners, patients, students, and third parties within the extent of this policy. Your personal data collected by the company will be processed within the scope of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law, for the following purposes.

This Clarification Text has been indited by BAHAT ELECTRIC HOME APPLIANCES INDUSTRY AND FOREIGN TRADE LIMITED COMPANY, acting as the data controller, in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, in order to make explanations and inform about the processing of personal data of the Company's customers/users. You can access detailed information on the processing of your personal data which you share with the company from the Company's Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy (PDP Policy) at the company e-mail address.

1. Data Controller

In accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, registered with the trade registry number 833960, BAHAT ELECTRIC HOME APPLIANCES INDUSTRY AND FOREIGN TRADE LIMITED COMPANY, located at Çakıl Mah., Elbasan Cad., No:130/1 Çatalca, İstanbul. As (the “Company”), we attach importance to the security and privacy of your personal data, and in this respect, we inform you in order to fulfil our obligation to enlighten the following matters within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698.

2. Collection, Processing and Processing Purposes of Personal Data

Although your personal data may vary depending on the services and commercial activities provided by our Company; It can be processed in order to provide products and services in the best way possible. Your personal data may be collected verbally, in writing or electronically by our companies through automatic and/or non-automatic methods, through our company units, Group Companies, website, social media, mobile applications and similar means. As long as you benefit from the products and services offered by our Group Companies, your personal data can be processed by being created and updated.

As a company; your identity, contact data and customer information may be processed when you visit our stores/workplaces, use our call centres or website to use our services, visit our company or our website, attend trainings, seminars or organizations organized by our company.

If you use the company's online services, your digital and cookie data;

Your collected personal data will be processed by our company in accordance with the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law, for the purposes of determining and implementing our company's commercial and business strategies and ensuring the execution of human resources policies.

  • Creating your customer records and executing the transactions within this scope,

  • Planning the activities required for the products and services offered by the company to be carried out by our business units to make you benefit from the products and services offered by the company, customized according to your tastes, usage habits and needs, and for recommending and promoting them to you,

  • Execution of our company's product supply and after-sales service processes, performing repairs, ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting demands,

  • Ensuring the security of our stores / workplaces,

  • Ensuring the legal, technical and commercial affair safety of the Company and the people who are in a working relationship with the Company,

  • Carrying out analysis and fidelity studies about the products and services you have purchased, planning and implementing promotion, survey, advertisement, market research, marketing and campaigns, presenting general and special offers, organizing competitions and organizations on various platforms, including social media channels (with your explicit consent),

  • Making our website and mobile applications available and customizable to you,

  • Ensuring the legal and commercial safety of our company and third parties who are in a working relationship with our companies (Administrative operations devoted to communication carried out by our companies, ensuring the physical security and supervision of our companies' locations, customer evaluation/complaint management processes, reputation investigation processes, event management, legal compliance process, audit, financial affairs, etc.)

  • Fulfilling the obligations arising from the legislation,

  • Benefiting from card membership advantages

  • For the purposes of planning and executing the Company's human resources policies and processes, personal data will be processed by our Company limited to the processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of Law No. 6698.

As a company, we keep your gender and age data in our database in order to suggest products and services that may be of interest to you on your next visit by evaluating your visiting habits on a product/time basis and your IP addresses in order to determine the problems related to the system and to solve the said problems as quickly as possible, and we evaluate your data to be limited to this purpose only. Your personal data mentioned above can be kept in both digital and physical environments by transferring them to the physical archives and information systems of the company. We will keep your personal data for as long as your membership agreement continues or if you are not a member for as long as we are legally obliged to keep it in order to fulfil our legal obligations. By this means, we aim to provide you with the opportunity to be aware of campaigns and advantages, as well as fulfilling the requirements of the legislation and contractual relationship. You can access detailed information on the purposes of processing your personal data by our Company Policy from the Protection and Processing of Personal Data shared with the public on our company's website.

3. Transfer of Personal Data

Your collected personal data, for the purposes described above, provided that it is limited to the reason that requires it to be transferred within the scope of KVKK and related regulations, can be transferred to; service providers such as information technology, archive, printing house, card printing, distribution company and our dealers with whom we cooperate, business associates, suppliers, shareholders, subsidiaries and other third parties, domestic or foreign companies which are affiliated with the company and legally authorized public institutions and private individuals, group companies, business connections, dealers, franchises, domestic or foreign servers and firms giving server support due to information technologies we use, and individuals or institutions from whom we receive cloud services, Companies that process data on behalf of the company, provide customer satisfaction measurement and profiling support, and support issues that need to be processed in the field of sales and marketing, customers with whom we have contracted and served as a requirement of our activities, lawyers, audit companies or public institutions or organizations that are authorized to request this data as required by a legal obligation, including but not limited to other relevant authorities with the aim of planning the activities required by our business units to be customized according to the tastes, usage habits and needs of the people and recommended and introduced to the relevant people, and offering you discounted campaigns, providing you with discounted campaigns, presenting customized content, digital marketing, remarketing, advertising, carrying out necessary work by our relevant business units for the realization of commercial activities, ensuring the legal, technical and commercial-occupational safety of the Company and the people who have a business relationship with the Company.

4. Method and Cause of Action for Personal Data Collection and Processing Tools

The Company will be able to process your personal data specified below, for the purposes stated below, within the scope of your explicit consent and approval of this Clarification and Consent Text.

Your personal data can be collected by our company through different channels and based on different legal reasons, for purposes mentioned above, in accordance with the basic principles stipulated in the Law, and in case of being stipulated in the second paragraph of Article 5 of the Law, establishment and/or performance of the contract, fulfilment of legal an obligation, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person concerned and based on legal reasons of interest of our company, automatically or non-automatically methods listed below;

  • In case you come to our stores or workplaces, verbally, in writing or electronically, by e-mail, through the social media accounts that you allow access to, through channels such as related websites and mobile applications in the electronic environment.

  • Closed-circuit camera recording systems in our stores or workplaces,

  • Website, mobile application, e-mail, shipping, SMS, call centre and social media channels.

5. Your Rights Enumerated in Article 11 of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data

As a personal data owner, you are entitled following rights within the scope of Article 11 of the Law: 

  • Learning whether their personal data has been processed and if so, requesting information about it,

  • Getting information about the purposes of the processing activity and learning whether it is in accordance with these purposes by us, 

  • Learning the third parties to whom it has been transferred in the country or abroad,

  • Requesting correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing,

  • Demanding the deletion or destruction or anonymization of personal data in case the reasons requiring the processing of personal data disappear despite being processed in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 6698 and other relevant laws, 

  • Objecting if you think a result against you has arisen by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,

  • Receiving a copy of your personal data.

  • If you suffer a loss due to unlawful processing, requesting the removal of this damage.

As personal data owners, if you submit your requests regarding your rights to Bahat Electric Home Appliances Industry And Foreign Trade Limited Company located in Çakıl Mah., Elbasan Cad., No:130/1 Çatalca, İstanbul in writing, our Company will conclude your request free of charge as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest, depending on the nature of the request. However, if the transaction requires an additional cost, the fee in the tariff determined by our Company's Personal Data Protection Board will be charged. 

As personal data owners, you can submit your applications regarding your personal data to us using the Company Application form, using one of the channels listed below:

  • In-person, by providing your identity confirmation to Çakıl Mah., Elbasan Cad., No:130/1 Çatalca, İstanbul address,

  • To Our company's KEP mail address,

  • To our Company's website with your secure electronic or mobile signature,

  • With other procedures specified in the Law and relevant legislation, By providing your identity confirmation.

The person of interest submits her/his requests regarding the implementation of the Law to the data controller in writing or by other methods to be determined by the Personal Data Protection Board (“Board”). The data controller accepts the request or rejects it by explaining the reason and notifies the person of interest in writing or electronically. If the request is rejected, the reason(s) for the rejection will be justified in writing or electronically. In case the application is rejected or the application is not answered in due time; complaints can be made to the Board within thirty days from the date on which the response of the data controller is learned, and in any case within sixty days from the date of application. First of all, within the framework described above, the complaint cannot be resorted to without exhausting the recourse to the data controller.

If the request in the application is accepted, the data controller fulfils the requirement. In order to keep your data in the most accurate and up-to-date way, we would like to remind you that if there is any change in your data, you should contact us at info@orca.com.tr address and inform us about the changes.

Best regards