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Our human resources mission; Contributing to the growth and profitability of our company by increasing employee productivity and creating a qualified, motivated and highly committed workforce in line with our company's vision, mission and strategies, developing Human Resources strategies in line with our company's strategies, and coordinating the implementation of Human resources systems in all operations. In line with our human resources mission, our basic strategy is; To create a manpower focused on company goals, working as a team with knowledge, constantly developing, happy, highly motivated and educated. Our human resources strategy is also presented to the public on our website.

Our company's human resources strategy is prepared in line with our vision and mission and implemented to support our strategic business plans and is carried out under the following basic policies:

(1) Increasing organizational efficiency
(2) To determine strategies centrally and policies locally,
(3) Finding the right person for the right job, at the right time,
(4) Maintaining our dynamic structure and being proactive,
(5) Seeing our human resources as an inimitable element that creates a competitive advantage for our Group.

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